Fallen leaves…

Good morning, everyone!!

As I promised, this month not all would be about Halloween. We’ve allocated a little space to this wonderful thing that is happening around us: Autumn!

These beautiful brooches are inspired in the always funny fallen leaves. One of my favorite things about fall is having a walk and being amazed with so many different colors, shapes and noises that Mother Nature brings us every year. It’s an incredible season!

About the Red Leaf, I made it last week because when I see the trees dressed in red I can’t help thinking it’s some kind of magic. And I LOVE them! Now I want to dedicate it to a special person who lives in Canada that soon will receive one of our ‘Cereal Killers‘! It’s awesome knowing that one of our creations will make someone happy so, so, sooooooo far away! Thanks, Canada!

We hope you like our new collection and if so, you can find it on Etsy!

Have a fantastic weekend!!



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