September is here!!


Hellooooo, everybody!!

Welcome to September! This is a very, very, VERY special month, because, among other important things, it’s Gatofante’s Birthday!! On September, the 13th, Gatofante will turn ONE!! Can you believe it?! We are SO happy!!

In order to celebrate it as the occasion deserves, next week, we’ll be launching a giveaway for you!! YAY!! And what’s gonna be the Super Prize?!… Well… Surprise!! You’ll have to wait until the 13th!!

But, don’t worry! We’re not gonna make you wait empty handed! We already have a present for you!! YES!! Since today, we’re starting a new Gatofante tradition. Every month, you will find, just waiting for you, a beautiful and exclusive Gatofante Calendar! So you can download it and use it as your wallpaper (for example), and (not the best, but a very important fact)… For Free!! YUHUU!!

September Gatofante

So, what do you think? Birthdays are cool, aren’t they?

We hope you love our present as much as we do!! You can download it here!! Enjoy!!

♥ Thank you for being there and making this possible!! ♥

And don’t forget! Next 13th (Saturday) the Gatofante Giveaway will start!!


PS. Of course you can use our Gatofante Calendar however you want, but only for personal purposes, you can not sell it or make any money out of it… Thanks for your understanding!

N. & M.


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