Hello, everybody!

New month, new collection! This time we present you ‘Fusion’. ‘Fusion’ is the new line of pendants we created by putting together plastic and polymer clay. We’ve been working a long time with these two materials, but it was like two weeks ago when we realized how cool they would be together. And ‘Fusion’ was born. 

They have two sides: one of them is the design (heart, letters) and the other one is an image (that special person you want to take with you wherever you go).  The picture and the whole pendant are handmade (Amazing!, isn’t?) and they both can be customized: we can change colors, the image (obviously!) and also the text; all to fit your wishes.

Well, this is ‘Fusion’. What do you think? Do you like it? We hope you enjoy and we’re waiting to hear from you!


PS. Go find them in Etsy Gatofante!

Fusion LOVE:

Fusion HEART:


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