DiY: Letters, letters on the wall…

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Do you want a new tutorial? Well, then… Today is your lucky day!!

Once I was watching a TV show and I got amazed with one of the room decorations. It was a turquoise wall with a lot of turquoise letters spread all over the surface. I though it was BEAUTIFUL. And I also though… I can do that!! So I took some easy-to-find materials and I made my own astonishing letters-wall. Do you want to know how? Do you want your own fantastic letters-wall? Then, stay with us and let’s get started!!

Original and version

0. Timing

This project will need two days because of the drying times. It also can be longer if you are not familiar with cutters or if you choose very difficult fonts. It will also depend on how many letters you want to make. I made a complete alphabet in two days; but, trust me, any time it takes, it will be worth it: the final result is amazing!!

1. What we need

– Sheets of paper.

– A printer (if you don’t want to draw your own letters).

– Cardboard.

– Pen (or something to carve shapes).

– Cutter and a surface to cut (If you don’t have any, you can use the same I do, mine is a chopping board from Ikea, from the kitchen department and it works pretty well…).

– Some newspapers.

– Latex gloves (optional, but very, very recommended).

– White glue (it will be invisible when dries; you can also find it like ‘carpentry glue’, or you can even use some sort of ‘Mod Podge’).

– Bowl.

– Some water.

– Some cardboard rolls of toilet paper.

– Scissors.

– Paintbrush.

– Paint (choose your color, if it’s the same as the wall, it would bring an awesome effect).

– Some plastic bag or a surface that can get dirty.

2. Choose your letters

First of all, find the fonts you love the most. You can use always the same, or, as I did, use a different one for each couple of letters. It’s up to you! (In the internet you can find a lot of free fonts).

Choose the size of the letters, as well.

If you’re not drawing your letters, then print them (in a dark color, like black).

Printed letters

3. Passing your design into the cardboard

Once you have all your letters printed, it’s time to pass them into the cardboard. If you’re drawing your own letters, you can follow the same steps or you can directly draw them in the cardboard.

Place a sheet of paper over the cardboard and use a pen (or something to make some pressure) to draw strongly your letter (as you can see in the picture). Take out the sheet of paper. You should have your letter carved into the cardboard.

Passing letters

Repeat with all your letters.

4. Cutting time!

Following the carved marks, use the cutter to cut them. Do it with all your letters.


Cardboard letters

5. Sticky time

Take your bowl and put in the same amount of white glue and water. Remove with a paintbrush or anything you have. (If you’re using Mod Podge, I think you won’t have to mix it with  water. Please, let me know if so).

Sticky time

Take the cardboard rolls of toilet paper and cut them in 4 pieces (as you can see in the picture). These will be used to sustain our letters and let them dry properly.

Cardboard rolls

Well, let’s get dirty! From now on you should wear some latex gloves.

Cut small pieces of newspaper (like 5x2cm; 1,98″x0.8″… give it or take). Submerge one piece in our glue-water liquid. Put it out and take out the excess with your other hand. Then, just put it over your cardboard letter and with your fingers, give it the right shape (every curve, every hole… etc).

(To see pictures of the glue-water-newspapers process, visit our tutorial “Make your own Tardis“, step 6. Party time!).

Repeat with each letter and let them dry. It will take over a day to dry correctly. You will know when it’s done because it changes its color (it gets lighter), it’s no longer sticky, it’s solid and, obviously, it’s dry.


6. Painting

Once your letters are dry, it’s time to paint them. You can use any kind of paint. I used wall paint, the same I used to paint my walls, and the effect is subtle, elegant and astonishing!

To paint them, use any paintbrush and it would be helpful to have a paint roller (for the texture and finish it creates).

Let them dry (see your paint label to know for how long).


Painted letters

7. Hanging in the wall

Hang them in the order you prefer. You can create shapes, curves, words… Whatever you want! To keep them in the wall I used some removable ‘power strips‘ (I used these ones, but there are several different brands to choose). I cut each strip in a half (lengthwise) and then I put from 1 to 3 of them in each letter. If you use the same ones I used, you will have to make some pressure over the sticky strip in the letter for 5 seconds and then again press the letter over the wall for 5 more seconds.

Do it with each letter. If you want to remove any of them, just take it off and hang it again. If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, there will be no problems and no marks.

8. The end (of a boring wall)!

And now you’re done! How is it looking? Please, show us!!

We hope you like this tutorial.

Thanks for stopping by!!


PS. If you love Pinterest (I’m sure you do!) and you wanna share, you can find the complete images tutorial here:

DiY! Letters, letters on the wall... by Gatofante



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