Black Kitty

Good morning!!

How was this week for you? For me, it was even better that I expected. As I told you, I spent all this time with one of my sisters and it was great! We laughed, we talked (until my throat allowed it) and… She saw them! She saw them for the very first time in her life: she discovered the Gatofantes!! And since then, nothing will ever be the same! That’s why (and because of Halloween too) this week we dedicate our post to those huge and adorable creatures that bring us laughs, wonder and fun!

This brooch is totally handmade out of cold porcelain. It’s painted with acrylics and pastels. We use decoupage for the frame, and beads for the collar. We put in the back a safety lock brooch or we can make it as a pendant. It measures 5,3cm x 4,5cm (approx.) and if you love it (sure you’ll do), you can find it on our Etsy shop!

Have a great weekend! And… Enjoy!


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