DiY: Make your own Tardis!

Here we go!

This is our first DiY tutorial and… Yeah, to be honest, this is not the easiest one, but we wanted to close the month honoring our beloved Doctor and being thankful for the awesome 50th anniversary episode! (It was EPIC!).

Dear Whovians, and dear Whovians’ friends who want to make the most amazing gift: stay with me, and let’s build our own Time And Relative Dimension In Space (box)!! (AWESOME! isn’t it?)

Your Own Tardis

0. Timing

To complete the entire project it may take over 4 days (including drying times).

1. What we need:


– Cardboard

– Some newspapers

– Paper

– White glue (it will be invisible when dries; you can also find it like ‘carpentry glue’, or you can even use some sort of ‘Mod Podge’)

– Tape

– Blue paint (50 ml) and white (5ml) (or some white cardstock)

– Latex gloves (optional, but very, very recommended)

– Milk brick (or a tiny square of silver cardboard)

– Black marker (just for details)

– Metal rule

– Cutter and a surface to cut (If you don’t have any, you can use the same I do, mine is a chopping board from Ikea, from the kitchen department and it works pretty well…)

– Scissors

– Pencil

– Paintbrush

– Bowl

– Some water

2. Blueprints:

If you already have the materials, it’s time to start! You will have to trace these shapes into a cardboard. As you can see, there are two different types of lines. The dashed lines have to be traced, that’s all; the continuous ones should be traced and cut (you can use scissors, but I highly recommend a cutter or an X-acto knife. It will be more precise and easier).



3. Building Time and Space Sides

Once you have all the pieces, you will have to assemble with tape.

Let’s start picking one number 1, one number 2, and one number 3. We will put them together as you can see in the picture. With your fingers, put some pressure to ensure the tape follows the correct shape (like a staircase).

Repeat 3 more times. (These ‘staircases’ will be from now on, C).

Staircase steps

Pick two n. 4, two n. 5, one n. 6, one n. 7. Now we have all the pieces necessaries to create each side. Let’s do it.

Using tape, we will put them together. We’ll start with one C. We will paste it following the guiding line.

Each n. 4 will be situated matching right and left edges (you will notice there are some left cm, it’s cool, we will cut them out later).

Each n. 5 will be situated matching right and left edges and over n. 4 and the first level of our ‘staircase’.

We put n. 6 right in the middle in contact with the ‘staircase’.

Finally, we put n. 7 on the base.


Now it’s time to cut out the leftovers. Turn your piece down and cut them. Done? Now you’ve finished a side!

Repeat 2 more times.


The 3rd one will be slightly different (it’s the front side). This time, you will need the n. 8 too. Once you have attached the ‘staircase’, put the n. 8 matching the left side (and the ‘windows’). Then, continue as you did with the other sides, just paying attention to the steps of the staircase, ’cause this time the left pieces will be one step higher. The n. 6 will be situated over the left door (on the edge).

Special Side

Ok, now we have all the sides. This is working!! Keep going!!

4. Building base and top

Pick the n. 9, 10, 11 and 12 pieces.

By putting some pressure to the guiding lines with your metal rule, fold the cardboard and make it stay that way with the tape. (Do it with every piece).


Assemble the n. 13 and 14 making an X-shape. Now put together the n. 9, 10, 11 and the new 13-14, by situating the biggest always below. You should have something like the pictures.


Roof complete

Number 12 is the base of our Sexy Thing-to be.

5. Getting there…

Take the cross shaped cardboard (B) and make a box with it using some tape (you should use some strong tape, it will be much better). Now attach the n. 12 (always being careful with the tape in order to get the right shapes).

Box and bottom

Now we will assemble each side piece with tape. Easy, isn’t? Put some tape from one side to other to make a stronger structure. Don’ t forget to seal the top edges too (it will be very important for the end result).

Taping all

Ok, put the roof on and… I think is getting cool! You will notice the roof may be a little bigger than expected, it’s correct, we will need the room.

6. Party time!

Take your bowl and put in the same amount of white glue and water. Remove with a paintbrush or anything you have. (If you’re using Mod Podge, I think you won’t have to mix it with  water. Please, let me know if so).

Well, let’s get dirty! From now on you should wear some latex gloves. As you will see, I didn’t, and that’s why I recommend you do.

A good idea is to use some can or little box to put the structure above (next steps will be easier this way).

Cut pieces of newspaper (like 7x7cm… give it or take). Submerge one piece in our glue-water liquid. Put it out and take out the excess with your other hand. Then, just put it over your cardboard Tardis and with your fingers, give it the right shape (every ‘staircase’, every ‘window’… etc). Pay attention to the four corners. For this part you will want to put the pieces of paper forming straight corners, don’t press the paper.

Paper and glue

Keep going.

And going.

When all the exterior is covered (and the top edges too) let it dry. And start the roof. The same advice: place it on some can or box to make it higher and the process easier. This can be a tricky one because of the x-shaped top. Just put a bigger piece of paper and press the triangles with your fingers to give it the right appearance. Just try until you get it. It’s easy, just try. Fold carefully the paper pieces in the corners, always to preserve the right shape. If you want to, once it’s dry, you can cover the inside too (it will be better to smooth the edges) and also the bottom of the Tardis.

Paper Roof

Let it dry.

It will take like a day or two to dry properly. You will know when it’s done because it changes its color (it gets lighter), it’s no longer sticky, it’s solid and, obviously, it’s dry.

7. Painting and details

Once it’s totally dry, it’s painting time! I used the ‘Decorfin Universal Satin n. 511’ (a very Tardis blue) and the n. 100 (white) (only if you don’t have some white cardstock).

Start with the blue one. Paint it all. Everywhere. And let it dry.

Meanwhile… If you have white cardstock: cut the pieces n. 15. If you don’t, use some thin cardboard (cereal boxes, for example), paint it white, let it dry and then cut the n. 15 pieces.

Print the images (windows, ‘Police public call Box’, etc.) (download here). Cut them. [Only if you want to, you can paint the windows with some glow in the dark paint, it’s completely optional, but it would be really cool].

With some milk brick (when empty, open it, wash it and let it dry before using it) cut the n. 16 and 17 pieces.

Paste two n. 16 together, with the shinny side out: this will be one door handle. Repeat with the other two and you’ve got your set of handles complete.

Draw with the black marker the keyhole in the n. 17.

Ok, now we’re ready to be amazed.

Using a paintbrush, paste all these details with white glue and cover them lightly with this glue too (lightly and carefully; if not, the prints may get dirty). Remember that the handles, the keyhole, and the two small signs should be glued on the front side (that one with the n.8).

Find some little white piece to create the light on the top and paint 4 lines from upside down (one each 90º) and cover the top too. I used a toothpaste lid (use whatever you can find). Paste it right on top of our structure and… Look. IT’S DONE!!

Paint and details


Please, if you have any questions, ask! And if you make your own traveling machine, please share, I’d love to see it!!

I hope you had a real good time!

Well, my Tardis is done, so… Allons-y!!


PS. You already know, but just in case, you only can use the material in this tutorial for personal purposes, not commercial. Thanks!

Your Own Tardis


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