Doctor, doctor… Please!

Welcome, Whovians (and not Whovians yet) of the world!! Well, today I should say ‘worlds’…

Last week we opened our doors to show you a little piece of our working process. Finally, today, we can present you our new collection of Felties. Actually, our ‘Felties… Who?’.

As we told you, this month our beloved Doctor is celebrating his 50th anniversary and Gatofante wants to join the party with these new members. They’re totally handmade out of polyester and wool felt and filled with polyester fibers. They’re about 11cm high, so we can finish them to be used as dolls, decorative figurines, brooches, baby mobile, or even better… This year they can bring awesomeness to your Christmas tree!! They have a great level of detail: pockets, buttons, flaps… Even a Sonic Screwdriver! They took me a lot of working hours, but I’m very proud of the final result. If you’re already a Whovian, I hope you love them, and if you’re not yet, come on! Join us! And travel with us! Any time, any place, just choose one and… Off we go!!


PS. Our Space picture couldn’t be possible without the amazing work of our dear friend David from Astrocaster, where he shares with the world his passion for the astrophotography. Take a look and be amazed! 

PS.II. You can find them in our Etsy shop! Thanks for stopping by!


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