Here we go!

Good morning, everybody!

After a lot of work setting up the site and the Etsy shop, today Gatofante shows its little big paw on the network. We hope you like this blog as much as we do and become regular visitors, contributing with your feedback and ideas to a great success.

Here is our very first new collection of brooches to wear everywhere! They’re totally handmade out of cold porcelain painted with acrylics and pastels. They measure 4cm x 5cm (approx.) and we make them to wear as a brooch (with safety lock brooch), or even as a pendant. As almost everything we do, they’re customizable, so don’t hesitate to ask us about what we can do for you!

And you know, if you love them just as they are, you can go find them on Etsy!

Welcome to Gatofante’s Dreamland!