Love is in the air…

Hello, everybody!!

It’s been a WHILE since our last post! How are you doing? What about 2015? How is it going? Gatofante has started the year delivering many original pieces all around the world, and having awesome feedback, so we cannot be happier! And more than that, we’ve been working on something new, but… I cannot tell yet! So you’ll have to wait a little more… In the meantime… We have our new calendar!! And of course, it’s full of hearts, because we wish you a new month full of love, awesome moments and happiness!!

Thanks for stopping by!!



PS. If you wanna get this calendar for yourself, click in the image, it will be open in a new tab and then, just right click in the image again and ‘Save image as’ to choose where you wanna keep it. If you have any questions, please, ask!

PS. Of course you can use our Gatofante Calendar however you want, but only for personal purposes, you can not sell it or make any money out of it… Thanks for your understanding!



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