DiY: Xmas Wreath!

Hello, there!!

December is here and that means that Christmas is getting closer! So we thought it would be fantastic to share a Christmas DiY with you. This time is really simple (I promise). It won’t take long and the final result is astonishing!

If you want to create a Christmas ambiance in less than half an hour, this is your tutorial. Come and join us!

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

DiY Wreath

0. Timing

25 minutes (approx.)

1. What we need


– Red paper napkins (or red square pieces of paper)

– Cardboard (over 60cm x 60cm)

– Scissors (or a cutter)

– Glue

2. Base

We need to get a ‘doughnut’ shape out of the cardboard (as you can see in the picture above). This will be the base of our wreath. The big diameter of mine was 57cm, and the small one was 28cm (but it’s up to you, this will be your wreath!). Don’t worry if it’s not perfectly circular, it’s just the base and it will be hidden.

3. Napkin time

Once you have your ‘doughnut’, it’s time to take the napkins. I think the best I can do to explain you how to do it is by showing you the step by step pictures. So take a look:

Step by step

Now, we glue the flower onto the ‘doughnut’, like this:

Step by step

And repeat from step 1 to 12 until our ‘doughnut’ is completely covered (if there’re some empty spaces, you can open slightly the flowers to cover them).

And… Voilà! Your lovely Christmas wreath is ready to hang!


4. For an extra look

I like the simplicity of this red wreath, but if you want to, you can add some details as a bow, tree decorations… change the color of the napkins, or… whatever your imagination tells you. Feel free to explore!

Well it was very easy, wasn’t it? We hope you’ve liked it. If you make your own, please share! We want to see it! And if you have ANY questions, ask!


PS. If you want to share on Pinterest, you can find the complete images tutorial here:

Xmas Wreath



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