2017… Here we go!!

Hello, there!

First of all, sorry for being this late! We had some minor issues and we weren’t able to upload our calendar until now. It’s kind of late, but good wishes never get old, so… Happy New Year!!

We wish we all have a great 2017, full of happiness, great memories and great people to share them with.

Thanks for being there one more year! And this one is gonna be… Awesome!!

Stay with us and… Enjoy!!

Gatofante January 2017

♥ Thanks for stopping by! ♥

M. & N.

PS. If you want this calendar for yourself, click in the image, it will be open in a new tab and then, just right click in the image again and ‘Save image as’ to choose where you wanna keep it. If you have any questions, please, ask!

PS. Of course you can use our Gatofante Calendar however you want, but only for personal purposes, you can not sell it or make any money out of it… Thanks for your understanding!


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