Movember is here!

Good morning, everybody!

Happy New Month! It’s getting a bit cold outside, eh? That only means that we have more opportunities to cuddle in the sofa while sipping some hot cocoa (or something else you may like) and to watch TV, read a book, have great conversations… Oh, yes, November is a fantastic month! Oh! And you can start planning Xmas, as well! See? Everything about it is good!

And there’s something more about November that we really like, and that’s Movember. As you know, this month is dedicated to a great cause: beat cancer for once and for all. This movement is particularly focus on men’s health, so they can learn to talk about it, to leave all their fears behind and to increase early cancer detection, in order to reduce preventable deaths. This is applicable to anybody, so these two ‘Mo Sistas’ and their lovely ‘Mo Cat’ ask you to think about it, to be strong, supportive, and brave enough to ask for help if you think you may need it. We wish the best to all those who suffer. You can do it. Together we can do it!

Have a beautiful new month!

Gatofante November 2016

Gatofante Movember 2016

♥ Thanks for stopping by! ♥

M. & N.

PS. If you want this calendar for yourself, click in the image, it will be open in a new tab and then, just right click in the image again and ‘Save image as’ to choose where you wanna keep it. If you have any questions, please, ask!

PS. Of course you can use our Gatofante Calendar however you want, but only for personal purposes, you can not sell it or make any money out of it… Thanks for your understanding!


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