Talk Deary to Me…!

From the depths of the Enchanted Forest a tricky creature has arrived to Gatofante… He can be naughty, but also adorable; he loves to make deals and he’s always craving for more power… Well… Maybe in this case for more coffee? Or tea? Or cereals…?

Are you ready to make a deal? Remember! Magic always comes with a price… Well, you can find that price in our Etsy shop! Haha!

As you can see in the pictures, we have made two different versions of our beautiful Rumple: one in a normal sized mug (25cl-8oz) and the other, personalized for a very special person, in a bigger mug (40cl-14oz) where we could also include ‘The Dagger’ and her name on it… Cool, right? From here, a huge thanks to that beautiful ‘Dark One’ for her enthusiasm, smiles, support and happiness. Thank you so much!! We really hope you enjoy your little Crocodile!

So, what do you think? Are you ready to play with magic? Oh! And stay tuned, because once the portal is open, who knows how many more enchanted creatures can come to visit us! ‘Til then, enjoy this one!!

Thanks for stopping by! ♥




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