Big Announcement!

Big Announcement

Hello, hello!!

As we told you, we’ve been working on something new… And today… We can finally tell!!

The thing is… One of our most appreciated products are the Gatofante mugs, but as much as we love creating them, we always have the same issue: they are really difficult to send. They don’t fit in a normal mail box, so they need to be sent as a large package, and this means they are very expensive to send. Even more, the post office has the same delivery price for one mug up to six (because they belong to the same weight range). Once we knew about this, we decided to sell them in packs, so we could make the most out of the same delivery. We liked that idea, but it still had a problem: what if you didn’t like the whole set? What if you just like one mug of each collection…? So we kept thinking and something BIG came to our minds…

‘What about opening a new Gatofante store completely dedicated to mugs? This way you can choose your own selection of mugs, up to six, and pay the delivery costs just for one!’ That was awesome! So we started working on it and…

And now it’s finally true! We are so happy and proud to announce our new Gatofante shop!! To be easy to remember, we just called it ‘Gatofante Mugs‘ (yes, we were extremely inspired that day, I know, I know! He he he!!). So from now on, you can find your mugs in there, and of course… To celebrate it as it deserves, we added many new designs (we had so much fun!!). We’ll be presenting them here, in our blog, but if you don’t want to wait… Just go and check them out!! They’re waiting for you!!

Thank you so much for being there! Great things like this only can happen because of you. Thank you very much!! ♥ ♥

Have a beautiful day!


(And go visit!)

Mar & Nesa


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