The return of the Mugs!

Hello, everybody!

Like a year ago we showed you for the very first time our first lovely mugs. Do you remember them? They were inspired by TV shows, such as ‘My name is Earl’, ‘Dexter’, ‘New Girl’ or ‘Sex and the city’. Well, in that post we asked you what drawings you would like to see, and we had some answers, so… We had to make them! Ha ha ha!

Today we’re gonna show you just one new proposal (the other one will come soon, promise!).

One of my sisters loves the ‘Carrie’ mug, but she thinks she needs her friends to be complete, so she asked me for the entire main characters collection. And here we are!

I wanted to make them funny, with positive messages and a little bit more colorful than the first one, just to make a difference between THE main character and her friends.

So, what do you think? Do you like them?

Do you have any special request? Let us know!

If you like these, you can find them in our Etsy shop, Gatofante Mugs!

Thanks for being there!

See you soon!



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