Up in the sky…

Good evening!

Sometimes the inspiration comes from a song, sometimes from the beautiful sky, sometimes from friends… And this time it came from all of above.

The song. Do you know ‘Blue Öyster Cult’? I love them, and they have an incredible song called ‘Astronomy’. If you have never listened to it before, please, do. It’s amazing. And so inspiring.

The sky. I love contemplating the sky. Morning, night, cloudy, clean… It doesn’t matter, every time is different, and every time it’s beautiful. It makes me think, it makes me feel alive and calm. A wonderful friend of mine once told me when I moved to another country: ‘When you feel lonely, just look up in the sky and remember that all of us are under the same ceiling’. It always works. So she’s one of the friends who inspired this constellation collection. But she’s not the only one. The other one is the one I like to call (although he doesn’t know) our ‘Astro Boy’, ’cause every time he has the chance, he picks up his camera and goes far away at night, to the middle of the woods, looking for the highest and darkest spot. Once there, all quiet, with the only company of his camera and tripod, he finally can open the tiny window to the infinite universe. And he’s not alone anymore.

So, with all these things in my mind, I’ve made these coasters. These are the originals in cork; I like the effect of their little holes, but still I’m intrigued about how they would look in plain wood… Yes, I have to try that option too!

Now it’s your turn. What do you think? Do you like our ‘Starry Coasters’? Do you find inspiration in the sky, too?

We hope to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by!


PS. Don’t forget to check out our shop in Etsy!

PS.II. Our ‘Astro Boy’ shares his beautiful pictures of the sky in his blog. Go visit and be amazed!


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