Do you wanna build a snowman…?

Let it go...!

Hello, there!

This week was very important for us, ’cause one of our little princess turned 10! Her first decade! She’s a huge fan of ‘Frozen’ (yes, the Disney movie), so my sister (her mother) couldn’t resist to do something beautiful for her, and she came up with this wonderful cake topper!

It was a complete success, everybody loved them! And that’s why since today, they’re part of Gatofante! If you want your own Elsa and Anna playing with the snow, just go find them on Etsy!

Thanks for stopping by!!


PS. Most of you know, but, just in case, they’re completely handmade out of cold porcelain, and painted using acrylics, pastels and some glitter! One of these days we should show you a ‘behind the scenes’, so you can see how the magic is done!


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