The Lady of the rings…

Heeeeeeeello, there!!

How are you? I’ve been very busy because I’ve moved from a house to another, and, if you ever did so, you’d know it’s A LOT of work, so I’ve been disappeared for the last month and a half. Now, finally, it’s seems to be everything in its place (or at least close to its place), so I can write again and show you new super awesome creations!

Are you ready? Then… Let’s get started!

This post is called ‘The Lady of the rings’ so you can imagine what it’s gonna be about… Yes! About rings! My sister created a new line with wire in different colors and shapes. Fairy tales, Mother Nature, Celtic roots… she finds inspiration everywhere…

What do you think? Which one do you prefer? My favorite is the golden one, because it reminds me to those powerful women in the fairy tales… What about you? If you like the wire technique, you should check our first work with it, the ‘Dreamy Clouds‘ because you’re gonna love them!

Thanks for stopping by! And remember! We sell on Etsy!





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