Slow ride… Take it easy…

By been immerse in the craziness of the world, we usually tend to forget to take a minute for us, to stop, to think and to enjoy those precious moments that are happening right now. Turtles are associated with the idea of wisdom, and I must say that I agree. There’s something soothing in their slow motion. I know they live a whole lot of years, so they can take their lives as slow as they want to, but I think that they live that much in certain way because of the relaxing mood. And I also believe that a good life needs to be enjoyed, not only lived. 

So yes, as you probably have already guessed, this week we dedicate our post to those adorable creatures: the Turtles. We made them as a pendant, to be carried, to bring pause and happiness wherever they go.

We have two different models, they both are handmade out of cold porcelain, painted with acrylics and pastels. They measure 3,5cm x 3cm (1,18″ x 1,38″) (approx.) and they can have a long chain (75cm) (29,5″) or a short one (42 to 50 cm) (16,53″ to 19,7″).

We hope you like them! And remember: you can find them in Etsy!

Thanks for stopping by!


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