It’s a kind of magic…

This can be a silly question for some of you, but… Do you believe in magic? I do believe. People tend to say that magic doesn’t exist, that it’s just trickery. And I can’t help feeling sad for them, ’cause they’re not able to see the REAL magic. The real magic is not in the disappeared rabbit, the real magic is much more than that. I believe in magic when I enjoy the colors always changing of the sky; when birds fly together; I find magic in the smell of the flowers; I believe in magic when I see a child discovering the world; when I see people laughing from the heart; when I see kindness, compassion… And definitively, when the person I love looks into my eyes. That’s the real magic. Magic is the perfect union between Mother Nature and LOVE.  And I hope all of you can feel it, ’cause it’s the best feeling in life.

And after that, we present you a new dweller in our Dreamland… The beautiful Fairy that has just arrived from my sister’s amazing inner world!

We hope you like it as much as we do!

Thanks for stopping by!

She measures 6,5 x 5,5 cm (approx.); her chain, 75 cm; and it’s totally handmade out of cold porcelain, painted with acrylics and pastels and decorated with beads. You can find her in Etsy! Enjoy the magic!


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