Welcome to the (special) Jungle!

Good morning for some, Good evening for the others! And… Happy Chinese New Year!!

Jungle Bunch

A lot of people is celebrating today the arrival of the New Year, the Horse Year! Well, we have no horses to show you, nor traditional

animals of the Chinese zodiac, but we have a new cute collection of funny pendants!!

We have a lovely raccoon, a shy kitten, a friendly panda bear and a curious butterfly! Which is your favorite? Mine is the raccoon! But I love them all!!


Blue Kitten

Panda bear


The pink raccoon measures: 4 x 4cm (approx.)

The blue kitten: 3,5 x 3cm (approx.)

The panda bear: 4 x 3cm (approx.)

And the yellow butterfly: 6,5 x 4cm (approx. Including wire).

They’re all handmade out of cold porcelain and wire, and painted using acrylics and pastels.

You can find them in our Etsy shop!

We hope you like them! Thanks for stopping by!

And have an Awesome New Year!!


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