Goodness… What big eyes you have!

Red and Wolf

Good morning for some, Good evening for the others!

There are several stories and interpretations around ‘The Little Red Riding Hood’, but we’ve created our own. In this one, the little lady and the wolf are friends. We’ve all heard we should hate wolves because they’re hairy, they’re different and they’re… bad. But this one (as a lot more of them) is hairy, is different, but definitely is not bad, ’cause one thing is not related to the other. This Little Red Riding Hood and his friend Wolf symbolize the idea of loving or hating behaviors, not colors, nor shapes, nor sizes. Just behaviors. The idea of seeing through people (or wolves); ’cause in the outside we can look similar, but it doesn’t mean we’d be similar in the inside. Not at all.

So, inviting you to have a thought about it, we also hope you enjoy these two new friends.

And this time they’re made to wear! to join you everywhere and to remember you to love over anything else!

We have three different versions:

Little Red Riding Hood Pendant:

  • Figurine: 3,5cm (approx.)
  • Chain: 75cm

Super Grandma Wolf Pendant:

  • Figurine: 3,5cm (approx.)
  • Chain: 75cm

And Mini Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf Bracelet (or mini pendant):

  • Mini Little Girl: 2cm (approx.)
  • Mini Wolf: 1,8cm (approx.)
  • Chain (bracelet): 19-24cm
  • Chain (mini pendant): 42-50cm

Do you like them? You can find them in Etsy!

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