Sneak peek!

Hello, everybody!

Today our post is a little bit different: Today, we open our doors and invite you to have a look inside and discover what we are preparing for next week! This project was born in a rainy morning of July, in the absolutely amazing Edinburgh. We were taking a walk, moving around from beautiful tartans, old and incredible architecture, delicious meals, kind people and some sort of magical atmosphere (maybe because of the always present rain… or the always present Whisky… Or maybe both…). All those stories about how cool the Scottish people are (if anytime you wonder about it), I can tell now: they’re all true. We had a fantastic holiday! And just walking around, I couldn’t help thinking about a lovely Scottish girl… who joined a Mad Man with a Blue Box… And suddenly, it hit me! I needed to create my own “Doctor Who” Felties! As I told you, this idea came on July, and finally, this week it’s coming alive! I’m so excited!

As every Whovian in the world probably knows by now, this month “Doctor Who” is celebrating its 50th anniversary, so it couldn’t be better!

If you click in the images below, you will find two ‘making-of’ videos. Each one lasts about 2 minutes, 2 and a half. For me, they were like 4 hours each… I hope you enjoy and next week… prepare your Sci-side… We’re traveling in time and space!!

Thanks for stopping by and… Enjoy!

PS. The first one, maybe is not working yet (youtube issues); I think there’s some problem with Chrome…         

Rory Centurion

Rory, the Centurion who waited


The Cyberman

PS.II. You can find the entire new ‘Felties Who?’ collection here. Enjoy!


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