Early in the morning…

Good morning!

Do you like mornings? What kind of person are you when you wake up? Are you friendly? Are you scary? Whatever you are, don’t worry! We have the perfect mug for your breakfast!!

This week we’ve being preparing our new collection of porcelain mugs, and it was SO much fun!! We got inspired by TV shows we like and we came out with four proposals: one for those of you who are always fabulous; one for the always happy; one for those who try to be every day a better person and one for those who hate mornings!!

What do you think? Do you like them? And even better… Do you wanna propose us a new one? Don’be shy! Maybe we can make it for real!

We hope you enjoy and… Wakey, wakey!

PS. You can find them in… Gatofante Mugs!


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